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Jennifer Palmer - Founder of Holistic Metamorphosis®

Thank you for checking out HM!  I'd like to briefly tell you how I came to develop this beautifully transformative modality.


In my early adult life, my career was in information technology as a software designer and programmer.  I enjoyed the challenge of creating a useful tool to help others be successful in their work.  However, I was suffering from chronic illness and I had one son on the autism spectrum and another with other health issues.  I was struggling every day and was wishing that I could program a solution to my life problems as easily as I was programming solutions in my career.

I started to develop an interest in everything that involved holistic healing, and this included my spirituality.  I had been trying to define my spiritual connection with different churches, but kept feeling that it was too limited in perception for me.  I explored the idea of spirituality instead of religion, feeling that, at the deepest root, most religions come from the same space and awareness.  During this time, I was introduced to Reiki and other energy healing modalities and I knew, down to the core of my being, that I was on the right path.  Energy healing is real, it's beautiful, and it works.  I have seen too many miracles during healing sessions to ever think otherwise.

After getting some healing experience under my belt, I realized just how deeply transformative all of this was for me.  My life had completely changed and I was improving quickly in all areas of my life.  I had built a strong spiritual connection with my guides and angelic helpers and I was being shown how to help others transform their lives.  I also became more aware of how important this work was for the soul's ascension process.  Our learning and growth continues after we leave this body and we connect to deeper levels of understanding as we ascend spiritually.

HM was developed over years of working with my clients and following the guidance I was given to transform others.  The techniques are powerful and gentle, fierce and loving, and very effective in helping my clients and students move forward in their lives.  I am so excited to be sharing these gifts!

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