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What Clients and Students Say

"Through working with Jenn at Nourishing Journey, I have been receiving an energy healing modality called Holistic Metamorphosis. This HM work has focused on various issues I needed help with including extensive and prolonged PTSD, grief, anxiety, and rehabilitation following surgery to repair a badly injured leg from an accident. As a result of both physical and emotional traumas from these issues I sought healing outside of traditional and prescribed medicine. My purpose for seeking HM as a way of healing was to dive deeper into my own being and not simply treat a symptom. Rather to integrate my whole being - mind, body, spirit and emotional to heal from a soul level. To bring balance and clarity facilitated through a divinely guided spiritual perspective. What I discovered far exceeded my expectations! Holistic Metamorphosis is a transformational healing process which brought peace, and purpose into my heart and life. By being fully supported by both Jenn and an Army of Angels, I was able to gain new understanding of why these very traumatic things which were out of my control have happened. They had me spinning out of control had they such a grip on my whole being prior to beginning this work. I was able to be shown through HM that they were meant to happen to put me on my purposeful path and spiritual journey of discovery and overall improved well-being. I can attribute this Holistic Metamorphosis energy healing work as a transformation of my heart, of my soul, of my understanding, of my spirituality and as my whole entire being. I cannot thank Jenn enough for giving me life back. For filling what felt like a shell of a being into a pure white light of love to shine bright. I have been healing myself through HM so I can help and heal others as well. We are all one."

"When I began seeing Jennifer over a year ago, I was overweight and overwhelmed. After a period of time with regular HM appointments, I began to feel lighter in all ways, physically, mentally and emotionally. I was able to shed years (and lifetimes) worth of baggage. I'm much healthier, happier, and much more fulfilled as a result. I can't thank Jenn enough for this extremely important work she's doing to help people."

“You touch lives, you heal hearts, you expand minds, you guide souls, you awaken spirits, you offer a nourishing journey and you walk with so many thru some deep [stuff] yet you are filled with such passion, love, care, belief, wisdom, kindness, light and grace.”

“I want to be perfectly honest—I don’t know what I (or my entire family for that matter) would have done without Jenn Palmer. She is the soul of compassion, wisdom, integrity and so much more. Jenn’s combination of compassion along with her energy sensing/healing abilities (which are huge) is awesome, amazing and profound. Her energy sessions have helped me not only heal physically but also emotionally and spiritually. When there were periods of storms going on in my life recently, Jenn was there to help me make sense of it all and helped me to actually heal and grow as a person. My entire family now goes to Jenn, and I even recommended her to my mom-in-law! And my mom-in-law couldn’t stop singing her praises once she went to her. Jenn is quite simply, the best!!!”


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